Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I expect from the OKC Photo Booth? In a word, "FUN"! The OKC Photo Booth prints 60-4x6 prints an hour. In addition the booth can print traditional sized strips that measure 6"x 2" each.

2. How many prints will the photo booth print at my event? UNLIMITED!

3. How many booths do you rent? Currently we have two photo booths. We rent our photo booths in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Texas and Louisiana. *Travel charges apply for rentals outside of Tulsa.

4. How big is the OKC Photo Booth; is it mobile? The Tulsa Photo Booth can go anywhere and only requires one person for set up. The photo booth will need a 3' x 7' space at the event.

5. Are there other photo booths like yours? No. The OKC Photo booth is built in Oklahoma using a Patent Pending design that was developed for its ease of use and acceptance by OKC’s historical venues.

6. How many people can we fit in the OKC Photo Booth? Unlike true vintage booths, that can only hold two comfortably, the OKC Photo Booth adjusts from 2 -15. YES, we've had 15 people in at one time.

7. I can use disposable cameras, why should I use OKC Photo Booth at my wedding reception? Simple, your guests will have more fun and you are guaranteed perfect prints every time. In addition, you and your guests have a favor to take home to remember the event. We do all the work and leave you with the pictures.

8. Can we have event information printed on the strips? Yes you have the option of several print styles. You can have your event details listed on either one or both sides of the print. This is great for corporate events.

9. I want to rent the booth for my corporate event, can we brand the booth with our company logo? Yes, we do offer the option of fully branding the booth with your company colors, and logo. Either we can do this or provide your art department with the skin templates. *additional charges apply.

10. Can we get reprints of our strips? Yes. From our web site, you can order strips and enlargements. Every image is saved in the booth ensuring you can see everything that happened inside the photo booth from your event.

11. How long does it take for the strips to print? Our ultra fast digital photo processing takes just 10 seconds to print your strip.

12. What creative options are available for my images? We offer reprints, enlargements (strip size, 4x6, 5x7 and 8x10), softbound books, custom printed thank-you notes, key chains, CDs and free online viewing.

13. Is there an option for a keepsake book of photo strips? Yes, OKC Photo Booth does offer an optional keepsake book at the event. Extra charges apply for keepsake books and duplicate prints. * All rentals include a complete extra set of prints that are provided on CD after the event.

14. How did OKC Photo Booth start? As a photographer, Jesse strives to provide fun and unique options for his clients. One client asked for a photo booth and with that, Tulsa Photo Booth was born. With the popularity of Tulsa Photobooth, we have now started OKC Photobooth and Louisiana Photobooth to expand the joy felt by others who have rented a photobooth.

15. How reliable is the OKC Photo Booth, what if it breaks? The OKC Photo booth was custom built for private events. As a result if there is a problem we fix it. Our all-digital booths only need paper.

16. How much does it cost? The booth rents for $900 for 0-4 hours on site. Travel fees are additional. For a custom quote with travel fees, please contact us. Travel fees apply for all events outside of our limited OKC/Norman Metro area.


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